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Anime Bases

Serving your anime bases needs :D

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Welcome to me anime bases community. Here you can post anime bases of course. :D You can also post icons you've made with bases found here, but keeps those to a minumum please. You may also post video game bases, or anything done in an anime style. :D

1. Sharing is caring. :D
2. If a person posts bases and ask for credit, please do so. Respect their wishes or they might not be here in the future.
3. No excessive swearing or language in posts or comments. Let's keep this place friendly, ne?
4. Don't bash anyone. Play nice and you will be luffed much.
5. Any post with more than 3 bases/icons MUST go behind an LJ cut. Go here if you don't know how to make a cut.
6. Theft will not be tolerated. Don't take bases and say you made them yourself. You will be banned and your name will be given to theft communities. :D
7. Please do not request icons. You can request bases however.
8. Direct linking = bad. You do it, and I will tar and feather you. Servers are easy to find cheap these days. If you need one, ask. :D
9. Since this community is growing, I think it's time to impliment some sort of punishment thing for rule breakers. Break a rule once and you get a warning. Twice, you get a monthly ban, and three times, and you are permanently banned. We'll use our judgement with this though, and might go straight to banning if it's bad enough. Hopefully it won't come to that. :)
10. Please, no chatspeak. Don't talk in all caps, or shorten words, or tYpE lIkE tHiS. All those ways of typing are annoying, and can be hard to read.
11. Have fun!

Just because this says anime bases, doesn't mean that's all we allow. Bases from video games, manga, doujinshi, j-pop, j-rock, and all things related are welcome. ^_^

(Run by tarnishedestiny and assassinangel, modded by iconcoctions)

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